How to travel around the city
Whether you are visiting Chiang Mai for business or pleasure, HOSTEL by BED’s central location makes it easy to explore the city and enjoy a large number of attractions. We are situated in the residential area inside the old city square, minutes away from the Night Market, Weekend Markets, Wat Phrasingh Temple, Wat Lok Moli, and many more landmarks. While you can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere within our area, most clubs and bars are 3 blocks away, and the trendy Nimman Road can be reached within a 10-15-minute drive.

Tuk Tuk

You probably have heard about how EXOTIC Chiang Mai is…. Should you make it more excited? Just try to get Tuk Tuk once then you’d know how exotic vibe is. Night time is especially recommended, would be something like jumping in Star Wars film.

Red Car

Red cars are Chiang Mai’s traditional transit choice. The color of the car is obviously red and can be spotted anywhere in Chiang Mai. Quickly grab them by just waiving your hands! PS. Do not forget to bargain price varies from 50 - 100 THB per person.

Getting motorbikes is totally easy here. Well…. not from stealing but renting! Since there are lots of motorbike rentals around the city! Just make sure you know how to drive, always helmet on and international driving license is required, these things can save you from Mr. Policeman.

Chiang Mai City Bus / CM Transit

DIY your own city tour with Chiang Mai brand new transportation, running around the city every 30-60 mins, only 15-20 THB What?! Yes 15-20 THB for one route!

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Grab taxi
It’s true there is No Uber in Thailand but we still have GRAB!

Question! What’s Grab?

Answer Grab is a transportation application (Like Uber). Simply easy to GRAB just download the
application to your smartphone Easy and simple function

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If you are looking for something simple to explore the city, Mobike can be your answer. This public orange bicycle is for anyone! Just download application called Mobike to your smartphone then the
bike will be yours and it’s free for the first use!
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